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How do you wash the reflector?

If a reflective garment is not too dirty, wipe it with a wet towel.

A brief introduction of two reflective clothes

The reflector can also be called a reflective vest and a reflective suit. There are many styles of reflective clothing, including police, transportation, road administration, coordination, security, etc. Reflective reflective vest is a kind of personal safety equipment used for night or bad weather, which is made of reflective material inlaid in the main parts of clothes or vest. It is a good protection worker in outdoor work.

Three choice of reflective coating detergent:

Reflective materials can only be used to clean and wipe, and do not use the strong corrosion of the material, such as disinfectant wow, and do not use detergent soap and other alkaline washing products, the best use of neutral detergent, if it is not good to judge the nature of the solution, you can use bath liquid or shampoo instead of (these are general. It's neutral).

Four reflective clothes washing method: dissolve the neutral detergent in cold water, put the dry reflective coat in soaking for 20-30 minutes, and then use hand light to knead, the collar cuff stains can be pretreated with the collar net and so on. After soaking, the brush can be brushed with a soft hair brush. After washing, it can not be dehydrated by the dryer and hung in the shade.

Five notices of reflective clothes

1, you can wash it in cold water and dry it naturally. You can't wring it dry or dry clean.

2, try not to rub it. Just wipe it with a wet towel on the surface.

3 reflective material can only be cleaned with cleaning, and can not be used for strong corrosive substances, such as disinfectant powder, and so on.